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Wilson Electronics presents cell phone signal booster for home and offices

Wilson Electronics which is a U.S.-based manufacturer of cell phone antenna repeater for office / homes is now focusing on inland and coastal waterway users with a new technology of marine. The development of a home cell phone signal booster kit improves cell phone coverage for boaters on inland and for shore mariners. It means that problem of dropped calls and no-service zones are solved. Cell phone signal amplifier for vehicles improves a weak signal. Sometimes it is very difficult to detect a cell phone device and boost signals to get strong, reliable signal coverage inside a vehicle, home, office, commercial building, warehouse or any other structure.

Marine Cell Phone Signal Booster

The Marine cell phone signal booster Kit pairs with Wilson’s AG SOHO 60 home cell phone signal booster with antenna in marine, and also includes all the cables and components to be needed to complete and install the booster system. FCC approved this cell phone antenna repeater for office or homes in February for use and has targeted mostly for home, offices or while travelling. Selling highly into consumer markets with as many as 35,000 units being to be sold monthly. Wilson now targeting to the largely untapped marine markets. The Marine cell phone antenna repeater Kit was well established to provide best quality signal with the help of external antenna, in which all cables and components are included in the kit to install the system. Many boaters who try to use a cellular device while on the water experience dropped connections and no-service zones just as cellular customers occasionally do on dry land. Installing a Wilson mobile signal booster provides boaters the same signal boosting benefits that drivers of cars, trucks, or those living in areas with zero connectivity.

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