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Wilson Electronics presents cell phone signal booster for home and offices

Wilson Electronics which is a U.S.-based manufacturer of cell phone antenna repeater for office / homes is now focusing on inland and coastal waterway users with a new technology of marine. The development of a home cell phone signal booster kit improves cell phone coverage for boaters on inland and for shore mariners. It means that problem of dropped calls and no-service zones are solved. Cell phone signal amplifier for vehicles improves a weak signal. Sometimes it is very difficult to detect a cell phone device and boost signals to get strong, reliable signal coverage inside a vehicle, home, office, commercial building, warehouse or any other structure.

Marine Cell Phone Signal Booster

The Marine cell phone signal booster Kit pairs with Wilson’s AG SOHO 60 home cell phone signal booster with antenna in marine, and also includes all the cables and components to be needed to complete and install the booster system. FCC approved this cell phone antenna repeater for office or homes in February for use and has targeted mostly for home, offices or while travelling. Selling highly into consumer markets with as many as 35,000 units being to be sold monthly. Wilson now targeting to the largely untapped marine markets. The Marine cell phone antenna repeater Kit was well established to provide best quality signal with the help of external antenna, in which all cables and components are included in the kit to install the system. Many boaters who try to use a cellular device while on the water experience dropped connections and no-service zones just as cellular customers occasionally do on dry land. Installing a Wilson mobile signal booster provides boaters the same signal boosting benefits that drivers of cars, trucks, or those living in areas with zero connectivity.


DB Pro cellular signal booster, one of the best

New features of adjustable gain for easy installation. The DB Pro cellular signal booster is Wilson’s dual-band (800 &1900 MHz) wireless amplifier to be used in homes, offices and other buildings. The DB Pro improves voice and data quality for multiple cell phones and data cards simultaneously, and works with all major cell phone carriers, which include both Cellular (824-894 MHz) and PCS (1850-1990 MHz) carriers. This 65 dB in-building booster combines high performance with ease of installation, and can be used with an outside Omni-directional gain antenna with multiple mounting options that eliminates researching cell tower locations and antenna orientation.

Features of DB Pro cellular signal booster-

  • Adjustable gain to simplify installation
  • Reduces dropped calls, extends signal range, and increases data rates
  • No physical connection of cell phone boosters available.
  • Allows multiple phones and cellular data cards to be used simultaneously
  • Interfere in detection and automatic shutdown with auto reset
  • Overload protection circuit – protects cell towers from being overloaded
  • Amplifies signals both to and from the cell tower
  • Maximum 2500 mille watts output power – More than 20 times the power of your cell phone alone
  • Works on all generations of CDMA, TDMA, GSM, and 3G
  • Power control logic ensures maximum gain is within cellular standards
  • Extends battery life – Booster enables phone to work at reduced power
  • Designed for use with standard RG6 (75 ohm) coax cable
  • FCC and IC type accepted

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Benefits of Using Cell Phone Boosters

A cell phone signals booster is a type of cell phone signal amplifier which is small device used to enhance strengths of a signal with the help of multiple applications. The main importance of cell phone booster is that it provides high signals with high range. Cell phone boosters are those devices which has low gain and very high output power. These work frequently used in those areas where there are weak RF (radio frequency) signal. They work in remote areas, or where there are low network connectivity. One just has to plug it and use it for installation. Any knowledge related to pre installation is not required as it is very simple to use like measuring and signals amplifications. Cell phone antenna repeater need very low power output which is directly linked to the cell phone boosters. The booster signal amplification is less effective than cell phone antenna repeater’s signal. Cell phone booster transmission power is a link between internal and external antennas of the chip. It also doesn’t create any noise also.


Effect of cell phones:-

As well know the radiations which come from cell phones can directly effects out health and can even risks to cancer. Weak signals are the main reason of more negative radiations and we are directly exposed to radiations causing risk to our health. Cell phone boosters then create weak signals to strong ones with high quality of call and voice. Boosters consist of cell phone antenna repeater which transmits signals from external environment. Boosters are also used to make radio frequency constant so as to decrease the effect of radiations. There are two types of boosters- indoor boosters and outdoor boosters. The indoor boosters can have maximum power up to 500mW power and outdoor booster can have maximum power up to 1000mW power.



Reason behind roar in Sales of Cell Phone Signal Booster for home or office.

Cell phones are not same as they used to be in earlier times. Can you remember the day when Nokia 3310 used to be smartest phone and person carrying it used to show it to everyone, but those days are gone and smartphones today are mini computers in themselves. If you ask me one thing which I can do on a computer but not on a cell phone then my answer will be everything which we do basically on computers can be done on mobiles nowadays (expect hardcore programming & designing).

Who thought that cell phone technology will see such a huge boom? We never thought that we will use the smartphones with such camera quality and with ability to click and share at same time. We can know the world’ happening at our palm and we can tell the world the things happening at our place in few seconds. This all was not even imagined by anyone but as the cell phone technology progressed, this all came in real.

Problem emerged/grew in recent time.

Yup, a huge problem grew with growth of technology in cell phones. That problem is network congestion, no matter if it Is 2G or 3G or 4G, network congestion can be seen on any of them. Problem is that the number of people using cell phones is increasing at very high pace, some people are preferring two phones or some are opting for cell phone with Dual Sim facility. This huge increment in cell phone users is creating problem of network congestion or we can say it “low network problem”.

Our cell phone needs proper signal strength to work properly, not only for making calls or receiving calls but also for other applications of our cell phones. Almost each application which we download on our phone requires net connection and that net connection mostly comes from Sim Network. So, if there is network congestion or low signal then it will directly hit the usage of these applications. For example: if you have to access GMAIL app instantly but you are not getting proper network, then GMAIL will not able to access its server and you will not get your emails.

Solution in form of cell phone signal booster.

Cell phone signal booster is not a new thing now but it have to be believed that this device is amazing. People using cell phone boosters have always expressed their views in very positive manner. If you don’t know then cell phone booster for home or office is a device which gets installed in your home or office and amplifies the low signal strength to full signal strength. This is to note here that cell phone booster do not harms in any way, by the way it use to reduce the risk of brain tumor which could be caused by using cell phones in general.

The increment in signal problem day by day that pushed the sales of cell phone signal amplifiers, reason is simple that people are becoming more and more aware about this amazing technology and they do not want to stay disconnected from rest of the world in today’s competitive time.


Know everything about a cell phone data booster.

In the era of technology we know that it has become a fashion to purchase accessories for the cell phone as the accessories not only improve the overall look of the cell phone but also make the using the cell phone very easy. You can get many accessories for your cell phones, cell phone booster is one of the best accessory. If you want crystal clear voice coming out for your cell phone then you should install a cell phone repeater because by improving signal strength this will make your call voice clear like crystal.

After having a cell phone signal amplifier installed with your cell phone you will be able to make calls at all the places, no matter where you are. You will be able to make calls instantly after installing cell phone booster at low signal area. You will be able to make quality calls in dead signal zone areas after installing cell phone boosters.

This will help you avoid the cheaper and faulty gadgets and you will have the best knowledge for buying the best gadget available in the market at very affordable price. Once survey is done, it is time to get in to the market. You must check on internet about the deals offered on boosters too. Some of the manufacturer has contracts with online booster shops and they use to provide some good offers.

People use these cell phones not only to make calls and to send and receive messages but they can do a lot of things with these devices. Mini computer can the new name of cell phones because we can do almost everything which a computer can do. You can not only make calls but you can access internet on the cell phone, not only the messages are sent over the cell phone but we can now send and receive emails on the cell phone. These new features use to require strong signal strength which can only be available with cell phone booster.

These cell phone boosters have set up the standards in improving the cell phone signal strength. Cell phone booster have been proved to me most efficient device against this huge problem. Cell Phone Data Booster use to capture week signal transmits in strong. Tthen these boosted signals are transmitted in the environment for the cell phones.

By booster you will get full five bars signal strength and that will not only give you call quality but will also allow you to use the cell phone at its best. There are various things a common man should consider while he goes for purchasing a cell phone signal booster. Before getting a cell phone booster you should know that what you exactly need. If the booster you need is for home purpose then you should know the area of your home because then you will be able to buy cell phone signal booster which have the range required.