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How to trade for a living!


Signal boosters will become an imperative accessory for 5G network

What is a cell phone signal booster? a cell phone signal booster as a device. Will help someone who is having difficulty receiving or sending cell phone signals that innocence is what a cell phone signal booster is now why will 5G technology and cell phone signal boosters be so tight together hand in hand test 5G Signal Boosters operate in the same wavelength as the 5G Network know what we know about 5G network is that there is a lot of interference issues associated with 5G  Network why because 5G Network operates in a much smaller band with our a higher frequency than the 4G the 3-g or even the 2G network was operating.


since the 5G Network operates at a much higher frequency than the other networks we have a present  interference off signals gets much more sensitive it is the same difference between am and FM radio and AM radio has a much bigger or longer wavelength than an FM radio that is the reason why an AM radio can reach farther than an FM radio broadcast.   the same principle can be applied to the 5G and 4G networks.The principal being that longer-wavelength can go for a longer distance while a shorter wavelength can only go for shorter distance.


The mean problem with 5G signal is that, it is very directional  in nature with the frequency being so high that even a small interference such as a tree of building or even a change in weather will it rain can affect how fast the signal can be transmitted.  hints a signal booster is going to become part and parcel of a 5G Network system. what a 5G signal booster does is that it will take 5G signal from outside and boost that 5G signal inside the building and broadcast that strong 5G signal everywhere and that way all the 5G capable devices be connected and be in sync to the cloud.  the other big reason the technology wants to go the 5G route is so all small devices that operate in less than 5 milli volt can be connected and be woken if and when required . you see the 5G Network wants to be connected to all devices smart and able so they can be synchronized with other devices within a home or a building Hartford Hospital are any facility so all the devices can be connected and operated on command the difference between 4G network and 5G network is on the 4G network the speed off transmission and the process of a function was taking place at two different locations speed poor data transmission happened with what type of network you wear connected.    the process off a function was done on the platform which is once phone happened at two different locations. which 5G the process and speed of delivery he’s going to happen in the cloud and your phone is just a dummy device that just receives and sends signals with bat functionality the phone I will not have to bore the bulk of the processing and can operate on a much lower energy meaning the battery requirements would be for lesser than what it is required now. hence 5G Network and 5G Signal Boosters real go hand-in-hand once the 5G gets deployed


A guide to start trading, and how to make a living doing so.

When i was a novice and looking for effective ways to gain knowledge, i did not know where to start. Trading at it most basic level is buying low and selling high, if you are a short seller, then you wan to sell high and buy low and the 3rd scenario is to sell time or theta in which case you can make money when the trade goes side ways and you make money by selling time as a premium. The concept on surface is very simple and a 10 year old can understand this if explained properly. What i have done is to start at where anyone new to anything start now a days , you tube! You tube is the best resource for this trade of knowledge. Why? because trading is learning visual patterns and visual is best understood while you are visually engaged. What do i mean by that is reading a book is great for a novel and having a fictional character the way you want to fictionalize it. You idea of a bad ass car is different from mine. You can imagine a fiction and have fun with it the most meaning full way that make sense to you. Pattern recognition is not the same it has to be the same and there is no this way or the other it is a fixed figure and you are trying to make sense out of it.

I remember my first trade based on MACD signal. I was first introduced to the MACD signal and how to use it to trade. The concept of divergence was fascinating and easy to understand. On the surface it is pretty simple concept where you look for divergence and identify positive or  negative divergence.  I soon out that it does not work that way for short term trading like day trading. In my experience all indicators are lagging and if your time horizon is for long term then those indicators work , but if you are looking to day trade or swing trade then it is pretty difficult to use indicators. i can tell you what works and that is learning Elliott wave principle! Elliott wave some say is very subjective and not reliable. Yes it is very subjective but reliable  most of the time. Day trading is a very different animal then swing or long term investment type trading.

In Elliott wave 1-5 motive wave and abc correction wave is the core. You have 5 waves going up or down depending on the trend and the 3 wave abc is opposite to that larger trend. Day trading or swing trading is mostly centered around the 3rd wave. Because 3rd wave is the most powerful wave and that is when you see large price movements . Day traders in general are looking to trade that 3rd wave. The main screener day traders use is to screen for stocks that gap up premarket. Gap ups usually happens in 3rd wave , however it can also happen in other waves like the 1st wave, 5th wave , C wave but the gap ups or gap downs that happen in the 3rd wave is what you want to day trade.  The reason i say if you are new to trading , then you must learn elliott wave ( get your free PDF from here ) is because What Elliott wave does is it gives you the bigger picture of where things might go and prepare you according to that  and take trades based on that big picture.


Most of you know what they say, “trend is your friend” and Elliott wave can give you that big picture and make you aware of where the larger degree trend is gong and helps you trade accordingly , the direction of the trend. I am going to illustrate this with a live trade that I am in right now.



$ROKU winning trade on 10/22/19

$Roku had a big drop on friday the 18th after the following patterns matured.

The  (v) matured at the upper limit og the channel and started going down and had taken the short trade on top of the channel  but did not execute that drop correctly and missed out on that trade. However today the 22nd the yellow (iv) was in place and had taken the short trade in hopes of catching the 5th wave or the  alt c wave down and captured that trade. Took 10 puts and exited on the trade as shown in image 2 below. current position being held overnight



The nightmare trade set up of $SPY for 7/25/19 till 7/30/19

This trade setup was most frustrating part of trading $spy and the lesson learned is to wait for setups to develop. Here is is the evolution of the setup in the days leading starting on the 25thof July.

On the 1 hr time frame the top of yellow (iii) is reached and at that time it looked like the top of5 since I was expecting the ABC from December low to terminate at the trend line that started in March of 2019 not realizing it indeed was still part of larger degree wave 3.Since the purple 1 counted as a nice 5 wave move on a 5 min T Frame i went on putting in trades looking for a 2 wave termination in a abc fashion around 61.8% retracementand got taken for a ride with loos as that wave moved higher up setting a new high at  $302.23 and now i am completly off my count and took that as the new high and that the yellow iii and iv were actually a and b and now the purple 1 is actually c and the end of the correction had come to an end.

Now on 7/29 I am thinking that we have to go down in abc to finish 2 on the downside and took short positions.  To my disbelief turned out to be a abc to the upside and the trend line drawn from top of (my at the time wave 1) was bouncing off the trendline support and I professed that the 2 had come to an end and wave 3 was in the making after hours.

on 7/30 the pre-market drop in the morning set things in the right track that the actual yellow v in the larger degree is not over and it indeed looks like the termination point of this larger degree wave is at the top at around $305 where the trend line meets to make this whole wave starting in march of 2018 to end in an expanding triangle.


The actual count is a abc in yellow and c shown as C exp in blue. looks like an expanding triangle that should go past beginning of a !












$AAPL & $MSFT, Google, facebook as a clue for Elliott wave count on the $SPY

Apple  $AAPL was a ABC down from a 5th wave has turned into a 4th wave suggesting that it will trace the way the $SPY is trading. A long protracted stagflation type of move going into the all of this year and next year. …


Since $SPY is an aggregate of tech stocks primarily , let us see what we can glean as a clue from the fang stocks to set the path for the $SPY .









$MSFT had good earning this quarter and moved up in a 3rd wave and looking to do 










$SPY is at a fork and it can take one way or the other

We are at an interesting point in the stock market and that is always the case in any given day, although this one juncture is special. The $SPY, what was looking like a ABC correction all along turned into a 1-5 impulsive move when we breached the $282 if you are looking at the cash index or $2820 in the etf market. What was an ABC is now a 1,2,34 &5 upwards move.

The moment the turquoise line broke the previous highs the trend is broken and ABC has now turned into 1-5 impulsive wave.


$DISH, $MU Elliott wave count and forecast

$DISH weekly count says that it has finished a ABC zigzag correction has just ended and looking ahead to resume the larger trend move upwards. After the blue 1-2 move .

On the daily chart the wave count is an impulsive 1 and looking to see if the wave 2 develops!


Micron has been on a downtrend since may 2018 and I see a ABC decline of its high at $65. It looks like a 1-2 move on the large scale.



It is clear that this stock is looking to correct after a 5 wave move up!


Super Cycle Target for the $SPY Index Fund

The cycle starts from 1992 and  a low of $42.81 to the current high of $293.94 is the end of wave 3 and we are in the middle of wave 4 correction more specifically what I call an equilateral triangle right now.

$SPY-Super Cycle Chart

On a traders perspective of the chart let us take a closer look at the day to day trading plan. Wave 3 ends at the 200% Fibonacci extension of the larger 1-2 waves. Since the wave 1-2 was a simple ABC pattern the wave 4 can be expected to be a complex correction that is what the theory of alternation suggests from Elliott wave. Just going by that i expect the correction to last quite a while before we break the all time high of 293.94 to break. My best guess is that we are going to be doing what I have drawn in blue to be doing before we break out of it.  If you look at the weekly RSI it has room to run before hitting the ceiling at 60 RSI level suggests that this A wave as of 2/17/2019 has room to run. before dropping in a B wave. Where every other Elliott wave technician and I differ is that they say the market is going to surge after this ABC 3wave and another blue ABC 3 wave correction that we are going to complete the 5th wave . I believe this will be part of a more complex Ascending, descending, reverse symmetrical yet to be revealed.


High Probability Setup on the $SPY for 2-15-2019

When i think about high probability setup this is what i think. According to Elliott wave theory we are in wave5 of a 5 wave move up . Within the 5th wave there are 5 internal waves. What we just witnessed as of Friday 2.3-0 am was a running flat correction that completed or as conventional analysts call it testing the lows. Once that happens what ensues is a trend move of 5 waves to the upside.


So the $SPY surged in Friday, is the bull run over? No so fast!


The rip the face off move we saw overnight thursday the 24th to friday the 25th almost a $2 move was indeed a 3rd wave move. Gap up’s occur in the 3rd wave . This 3rd wave is 3(5) meaning that this leg up is the last wave in a 5 wave move up and it should terminate around the 272 area with the 200 DMA converging around the same target.


Pre market update for $SPY today the 1/28/2019 is that the (iv)3 just happened and we should see a move of sideways or get the move up to $272 today.